Travel Tuesday – Collingwood, Ont

Sometimes I’m asked why we moved out of the city. Part of the answer: My daughter’s photo/trip report on things to do and see in this area.



Both of us deeply in need of a mid-summer weekend getaway, @oncewasaredelf and I went on a short roadtrip to visit my parents near Collingwood last weekend.  Now that my parents live on Georgian Bay, I visit the area regularly.  Cassiopeia spent a summer with my family at a cottage many years ago and we were overdue for another summer gathering.

I absolutely love the drive across the middle-Ontario counties: Halton, Wellington, Dufferin, Simcoe, Grey (and sometimes even up the Bruce Peninsula).  We got off to a bit of a slow start, getting stopped by a train just outside of Campbellville, but we had fun counting the cars with #mavericjhm. Our first road-trip stop was entirely by coincidence – Maveric wanted to open some windows so I pulled over to stop and open them (the Safari-van side panel windows are the pop-out kind) and the very next driveway was…

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